Nail Polish Set Pro - Powder

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You dream of a perfect manicure but you don't have time to go to the beautician ? We have the solution! Here is the Nail Polish Set Pro - Powder.
Faster and easier to apply than a basic varnish, it is ideal for women in a hurry or clumsy.

The system of immersion of the nail in the Powder is more durable than acrylic and less aggressive than Gel. It does not flake or crack. In addition, it is water resistant and does not damage the nail layers.


  • Easy to use
  • Does not require a UV lamp
  • Can be used on natural and false nails
  • Same rendering as semi-permanent varnish
  • Dress from 2 to 4 weeks


Powder coating is very easy to use. It takes only a few minutes for a zero-defect application.

  1. Prepare your nails: push back your cuticles.
  2. Apply a coat of Base and let dry.
  3. Apply a second coat of Base without letting it dry.
  4. Dip your nail in the Powder (Make sure that the entire surface of the nail is well covered).
  5. With a brush, remove the excess of Powder.
  6. Apply a coat of Activator and let it dry.
  7. Apply a coat of Base coat and do not allow to dry.
  8. Dip your nail into the Powder.
  9. With a brush, remove excess Powder.
  10. Apply a coat of Activator and allow to dry.
  11. Use a file to polish the surface of the nail. File very lightly to obtain a uniform surface.
  12. Apply a coat of Top and allow to dry.
  13. That's it !

Tip : Do you feel like a change and a more elegant manicure ? Nothing could be simpler, just dip only the tip of your nail in the powder.

The Set Pro contains :  :

1 X Bond (7ml)
1 X Base (7ml)
1 X Activator (7ml)
1 X Top (7ml)
1 X Brush Saver (7ml)
1 X powder pot (10ml)

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