Luminous Spider Nail Gel Set

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Achieve the most defined nail look

Intense, luminous, striking, those are some of the words describing our magical nail gel! Glossy-Glow offers you a wide range of unique gels in their deepest form you can use on any nail kind!

Our secret formula makes the gel, elastic, light and versatile! It coats perfectly all kinds of nails and is easily applicable to open up your styling options even if you are a rookie!

Rest assured, Glossy-Glow is made from healthy ingredients, that don’t tax your nails. Choose the color that matches you the most and make your most defined nail look yet!

Why Glossy-Glow is for you  

Intrinsic beauty- Each of the intense colors will put more depth into your look, refining your style and making you more fab than ever!

A styling shortcut- With Glossy-Glow you can create a glamorous look from home. You have all the colors you need to create something unique!

Pick your canvas- Because if it’s amazing elasticity and stickiness you can easily apply it to any kind of nail so nothing will limit your choice of styling!

Glossy-Glow is the ultimate choice- We’ve mixed the most intense colors for you to create a defined, long-lasting nail look that’ll put every artist to shame!


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